Imagine Cecil B. DeMille taking a small Central European town band of alcoholic pensioners into the Sahara Desert to teach them jazz. This is the sound of Baselisk, a monumental double-length paean to the jazz of awkwardness, the clumsy beauty and elegant strangeness that underlie life as we know it. Recorded over a six-week period at a remote mountain facility, the 24 songs cover an expansive range of sounds and styles, from foreign to familiar, offering your ears an intriguing yet inviting sonic mélange of down home big band panache. Achieving extensive airplay on such esteemed radio stations as WFMU and KUSF, the Moho Memo's first commercial release set the stage for the group's many storied achievements over the years to follow.


01. Prosim
02. Debonaire
03. ...And Its Telling
04. Magpie Catch
05. Penumbra
06. Isn't It Always
07. See You There
08. Zamboni
09. Murray's Mask
10. Sembra In Sogno
11. Wilbur's Waltz
12. Chemin De Fer

13. Listing Alee
14. Eleptet
15. Enid's Lament
16. Beyond the Pale
17. Otherwise
18. Straight From Pittsburgh
19. Back and Blue
20. Adriatica
21. Blowzy
22. Lonely Mary
23. Lest We Forget
24. So Long

Total Running Time - 70:16
Online release date: October 2010