For fans of Baselisk, these nine songs pick up the sound of the little big band going full steam. The Moho Memo returned from their first successful world tour having found that the experience added richly to their sonic palette. In a work by turns languid and elegiac, the wide range of audible influences include old time New Orleans jazz, sounds from the streets of Cairo, hotel TV (and room service) mysteries, rebab and rebop, dirty tennis sneakers, Spanish moss, the finely waxed ballroom floors of the Deep South's erst dance palaces and the looming twin menaces of salt crackers and exceedingly hot car interiors. Somewhere between a stroll along the riverbanks of a simpler time and high tea in a Faulknerian funhouse, Houseboat Days is as delightful, mysterious and compelling as they come.

Houseboat Days

1. Departures
2. Boatswain's Bird
3. Houseboat Days
4. A Stranger Tail
5. Alley
6. Down River
7. Whispers Cairo
8. Riviera-ly
9. Memorian Sweet

Total Running Time - 26:17
Online release date: October 2010

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