[liner notes from original vinyl EP release] October 1965 and a bold new sound is makin' the scene as groovin' guys and dolls all over town are coppin' wise to the latest latex sensation. That's right, the kids are goin' ape crazy over the sound that sent Sputnik into orbit. No one knows just who they are or how they do it but the Moho Memo is back in action with a couple of sides from the edge of Out There; it ain't jazz and it ain't pop, it's just plain crazy! While Folk flips the hipsters in the coffee houses of Greenwich Village, here comes a finger-poppin' sound from beneath the underground to set your soles in motion, cause a commotion and get your toes goin'.

In-Stir-Mental!!! (EP)

1. Turnip Patch
2. Lou's Lefted
3. Miss You Philip
4. Normal Man
5. 29 Au Coin
6. Happy Birthday, Billy Mummy
7. ...Just What, Sam

Total Running Time - 17:03
Re-release Date: November 2010