It's cocktail time with (and for) the Moho Memo, so don your smoking jacket or backless dress, fix your hair, take a little something from the tray, and unwind to the soothing sounds that surround you. Described by a critic as "mood music for the slightly deranged" Mixed Nuts harkens back to our dreams of a Golden Age in which style and substance were inextricably bound, spies were more suave than muscular, a well-chosen word spoke volumes and a knowing look said even more. Originally recorded in black and white, this hearty selection of choice cuts has been digitally enhanced to full color providing you with an expanded opportunity to dream.

Mixed Nuts

1. The Ladder
2. Winston's Walk
3. Plant and Push
4. Nick's Nix
5. 10/6
6. Barnacle Bill
7. Darvon Jump
8. Motes
9. Post PM
10. Titles (417b)

Total Running Time - 24:19
Online release date: About 2012