Under the sunny skies of the American Southwest a lone figure makes his way across the unforgiving desert, his heart at one with the mysterious, haunting landscape that slowly unfolds around him. From these arid desert plains to the dark side of the moon, sighing as it slides across the sky, to the rain-swept streets of Paris, these songs for short films fill your heart and head with all the awkward beauty and sweetness of a Bombay gin marshmallow. Featured in the short films of American artist Karen Yasinsky, the short pieces explore the humor, beauty and sadness that form the soundtrack of our lives.

Moving Pictures

01. No Place Like Home
02. Brian Wilson, et al
03. The Liver Boys
04. Dream With Me
05. Chaise Lunge
06. Separate
07. Mr. Wiggley's Watch
08. Inaction Figure
09. Research of Time's Loss-Lunar
10. Research of Time's Loss-Abstract
11. Melodica
12. Titles

Total Running Time - 31:41
Online release date: July 2009